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Thank you!

All right, it looks like all submissions have come in and the event is finished. Thank you to everyone who has contributed! And thank you to those who supported the event even if you didn't contribute! It was great to see enthusiasm for this fandom still exists. :)

[Fanart] Snow-

Title: Snow
Medium: Fanart - Digital
Characters/Pairing: Shion and Nezumi
Rating: G

over herreeeCollapse )


[Fanart] Theater Costumes

Title: Theatre Costumes
Medium: Fanart - Digital
Characters/Pairing: Eve & Shion
Rating: G
Summary: Using the prompt theatre costume
Notes: Due to some issues with my mum and the loss of my main computer/use of tablet, this almost didn't get done in time. So since half of this was coloured using my laptop, the colours might be a bit off/derpy, along with the rest of it.

Link to my DA


[fanart] Rainy Days Mini Comic

Title: Rainy Days Mini Comic
Medium: Digital
Characters/Pairing: Nezumi & Shion
Rating: G
Warning: Large Image!!!
Summary: Their reunion on a Rainy Day.

Under the cut! =DCollapse )

[fic] Shimsham on the Blimblam

Title: Shimsham on the Blimblam
Author: disownmereturns / thejmprod
Characters/Pairings: Nezumi/Sion, Inukashi, Shion
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: 20 years later time frame, swearing, possible OOC-ness

Summary/Excerpt: It's Shion's wedding and Nezumi has nothing to wear.

A/N: No prompt in particular ^^; Here's to the start of a New Year! ♥ The Shion here is the baby Shion that was saved from the manhunt.

( 'Sion, please stop staring at me like you're going to eat me.' )

x-posted @ no6city

fanfic || Rat Tales [No. 6] || oneshot

Title: Rat Tales
Fandom: No.6 
Genre: Friendship/Humor/Romance
Pairing: NezuShi
Disclaimer: I don't own. 
A/N: Originally not supposed to be like this... but oh well. 

Summary: They simply have too many stories to tell. 

(warm like molten chocolate)

(Fanmix) Our Composition Book

Title: Our Composition Book
Medium: Fanmix/FST
Characters/Pairing: Nezumi/Shion
Summary: Taking a break from writing and cruising along with an 11-track fanmix, with commentary! Happy holidays everyone, and enjoy!

                          Our Composition Book, a No. 6 fanmix

                                     (HERE @ my LJ)


[Fic] Vestige

Title: Vestige
Author: analineblue
Pairing/Characters: Nezumi/Shion
Warnings/Spoilers: post-series
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3,100
Summary: Post-series. No matter how much time passes, they’ll always be Nezumi’s books.

Notes: I’m really not sure how this turned into a reunion fic, because it really didn’t start out as one. But, well, if I keep writing different versions of Nezumi coming back, then… Maybe one of them will stick, right? :D Written for the prompt that old book smell. Comments and thoughts are always greatly appreciated. ^_^

( Vestige )

[Fanart] Rainy Days

Title: Rainy Days
Medium: Fanart
Characters/Pairing: Nezumi/Shion
Rating: N/A
Summary: Exactly as the prompt suggests. 

Link to dA!